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Our History

Optimistic solutions is a UK based medium size IT firm. The organisation has been established in 2012 by Mohammad Iqbal Hossain, a Bengali origin computer science graduate from London Metropolitan University, UK. The organisation is headquartered in East London, UK. The organisation serves its local and international customers with an efficient workforce, consisting of local and global IT experts and management teams. Along with a UK team, the organisation has other three teams in Bangladesh and USA. Hence, we do not have any other branches/franchise all over the world except London, UK.

We are committed to fullfill our client's requirements.

Mohammad Iqbal Hossain
Systems Analyst, Founder and CEO of the Company
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Our Management Team

We deal with clients and other stakeholder of our organization having specific values in our heart.

Our Core Services

Our solutions and services have been specifically developed to reflect the needs of our clients, we believe that the best way of ensuring a good fit is to understand the problem at root level and build our solution from there.

IT Consultancy

Optimistic Solutions offers innovative and customer-centric information technology services and solutions

Software Development

Optimistic Solutions is delivering complex world-class software solutions of technology platforms to its clients

Web Application Development

Our expert team is capable of efficient web application development according to the needs of customers

Website Design

Optimistic Solutions offers professional website design, development, and maintenance services for global customers

Mobile Apps Development

We are offering high quality mobile application to organizational and personal customers

Ecommerce Development

Optimistic Solutions provides high quality e-commerce development solutions

More about us

Our mission is to achieve the status of being one of the world´s best IT companies based on customer satisfaction with endless efforts to build, deliver and maintain the most innovative, reliable and cost efficient IT services and to deliver the best possible reliable software solutions to help our clients improve IT efficiency and business profitability.

Our vision is to develop and maintain constant efforts to build our image as trusted and high quality IT service partner for the business organizations across the globe and to satisfy the continuously changing demands of our customers. We are to express ourselves as an efficient strategic player in highly volatile and cutthroat global IT market. Our professional, flexible and integrated processes, expertise and services covey our ability and commitment.

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Our Skills

Web Design 95%

95% Complete

Software Development 75%

75% Complete

Android Apps 85%

85% Complete

IT Consultancy 95%

95% Complete

Search Engine Optimisation 70%

70% Complete